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【Get to know Dr. Hubert】-Obstetrician/Gynecologist

 Going to the doctor is not something we usually enjoy. It's a very personal occasion. I sometimes leave with a feeling that I was being rude, as I only spoke about myself. Curiosity has gotten the better of me; I wanted to know more about these doctors who know so much about me. Where are they from? Why do they work in the medical field? And what is their personal history? I went on an investigation in Oasis hospital and asked the questions we all want to know.


 Dr. Hubert Debiolles is the new Oasis obstetrician/gynaecologist. He arrived in Beijing just a few weeks ago, as the former obstetrician/gynaecologist Juliette Kinn is on pregnancy leave and she wanted to be sure the pregnant women of Beijing were left in safe hands. I met Dr. Debiolles in his new office; his warmth and calmness are tangible.  Delivering babies does require certain calmness, but feeling safe and secure is important when you meet the person that will most likely assist you in giving birth.


 I told the story of my daughter's birth and Dr. Debiolles listened to me attentively. He did not have to do this; my daughter was born four years ago, and he had nothing to do with my delivery nor can he change what has happened to me all those years ago. He tells me about his experiences with VBACs and breach baby deliveries. I can't help but trust that pregnant women will be honored in his presence and that he is not fazed by the requests and wishes they might have.


 Born in a farmer’s family, Dr. Debiolles has had a passion for birth since he was very young. His father bred cows and as a child Dr. Debiolles assisted in many calf births. He wanted to be a vet initially, but ultimately chose to work with people instead. He explained to me that communication with humans is just easier. There was another point in his life where Dr. Debiolles had to choose: between being a surgeon or becoming a obstetrician /gynaecologist. He worked as a surgeon for years and, unfortunately, has seen many cases of cancer and death. When it was time to pick a definite career field he chose obstetrician/gynaecologist, wanting to be part of a happier experience to share with his patients.


 When Dr. Debiolles came to Beijing for the first time around 30 years ago, he did a long hike on the great wall that lasted for two weeks.  He still enjoys hiking, but also enjoys biking around Beijing on his French folded bike. Dr. Debiolles is the father of four adult children. Amazingly he became a father of two kids and a set of twins in a record time of two years and ten months. This is a truly international family; some of his kids have lived in Colombia, UK, Belgium, and Switzerland. Dr. Debiolles has lived and worked in India, Iraq, and Vietnam, and has many fascinating and inspiring stories to tell. It's easy to say that he is an obstetrician/gynaecologist who has a passion for traveling and Asia.


 I asked Dr. Debiolles how many babies he has delivered during his career (something I always wanted to know). He gave me the best answer: "I did not deliver any babies, the mothers did.” 

About Dr.Hubert

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