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الفواتير والتامين

نحن نرحب بكل من المؤمن والدافع الذاتي لزبائننا بأسعار معقولة وخيارات للدفع مريحة

The pricing of Oasis is according to CPT coding standard that is accepted in the international medical circles, and it reasonably reflects the charge standard of the medical service. Oasis aims to provide customers with the first-class medical services. Oasis has designed a variety of special medical packages, enabling the customerstobe aware of the service scope beforehand, and make well-informed decisions.


OASIS has direct billing agreements with most major insurance providers. To learn more about your health coverage and insurance requirements, please call us or bring your insurance card to the reception for assistance. Our direct-billing insurance partners include:


































 The intermediate zone and the cooperation of the insurance company









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Warm reminder: as each insurance policy holder's welfare and claims condition are different, please kindly contact OASIS front desk or pre-authorization department to confirm your welfare before your first visit.

OASIS is an international-standard hospital with worldwide direct billing support.  Patient-centered care is the foundation of OASIS' successful cooperation with medical insurance companies.  OASIS has signed direct billing agreements with a number of medical insurance companies to ensure a convenient and burden-free claims process for the patient.  Establishing a reasonable and effective agreement with local and international medical insurance companies enables our community to enjoy high-quality medical care at OASIS.  OASIS is working with more and more medical insurance companies and agents to establish a long-term cooperation.