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Save time and Energy worrying over your doctor visit by Booking an Appointment

How to make an appointment:

1. By phone:

010-59850499/697/200 or 400 8762 747

2. By email:

Send your appointment details to:

appointments@oasishealth.cn ; 

3. By our website:

Go to our website: www.oasishealth.cn and select “Book Appointment”, then fill in your personal information to make an appointment.

4. By our app:

Download the OASIS app (明德健康), login and register your account. On the homepage select Appointment and choose your desired clinic and doctor to make an appointment with. (Note: If you do not already have an existing medical record with the hospital, you must first register at the main desk in the hospital before you can register your OASIS app and begin making appointments)

Advantages of booking an appointment:

(1)No waiting time: No need to take a number and queue to see the doctor. Save your time by booking and go directly in to see the doctor. (First time patients must first go to the main desk to register before seeing the doctor)

(2)Your choice of doctors: Choose according to clinic times, doctor availability and when suits you best. We will do our best to satisfy your needs.

(3)Avoid disappointment: Booking in advance means removing the risk of wasting time queuing for an appointment, only to find the doctor is already booked up for the day.

(4)Saves time: Booking in advance means the doctor has the opportunity to get acquainted with the patient information. If a patient requires any laboratory tests, the doctor can make preparations for it ahead of time, reducing the patient’s time queuing for lab tests.

(5)Continuous management: We input all patient’s information in to our hospital system to strengthen the patient’s overall management. As soon as a repeat patient returns to the hospital, the system will automatically retrieve any patient history and personal information.