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Style with Safety – Peds Ear Piercing

OASIS International Hospital now offers Pediatric ear piercing services for newborns, children, teens, right up to adults.

Piercing methods:

· Surgical needle

· Piercing gun

OASIS uses Studex piercing studs for their quality, hygiene and stylish looks. We have 6 different looks to choose from.

Studex earrings and studs offer the following advantages:

· High-quality materials: 18 karat (750) or 14 karat (585) gold, titanium or surgical stainless steel.

· Hypoallergenic and skin friendly

· Sterile, individually sealed packaging for piercing studs and earring backs

· The earring backs (butterflies) allow greater air circulation, which promotes the healing process.

· Studex systems meet or exceed EU standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

· Good for your ears, yet stylish right from the start.

If you wish to get your child’s or even your own ears pierced at OASIS, you can book an appointment with our Pediatric Clinic.

Clinic Hours: Monday to Sunday 8:30-17:30

Tel: 010-5985 0302

Cost: 300 RMB for a pair (earrings including)