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Angelina's Prenatal Yoga Is Open at OASIS Again For You!

  Angelina's prenatal yoga is open for everyone. It will be very helpful for both pregnant women and non-pregnant ones who are planning pregnancy in future. So, if you are interested then please never hesitate to join her class!

  Pregnancy is such an exciting time, filled withexpectation and change. However, many of the changes happening within your bodycan bring discomfort and reduce your enjoyment of this wonderful time. For thisreason, many different methods have been explored to help women feel comfortable throughout their pregnancy. 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

+ Decrease the discomfort during pregnancy 

+ Increase muscle health

+ Improve breathing technique

+ Improve blood circulation

+ Increase movement range, balance

+ Reduce back pain

+ Decrease sleep disturbance

+ Decrease premature labour

 Therefore, many advantages of prenatal yoga, to both the mother and baby, have been realised and the number of women participating in prenatal yoga is increasing. 


Note: Angelina's Prenatal Yoga class requires pre-paying to register. WeChat QR code for payment can be found below.

How to Register for Event

Event Details

Location: OASIS International Hospital, Room 108

Cost: Refer to each individual event

To Register

1) Message the MyOASIS WeChat account

2) Or, Email: ulla@oasishealth.cn

Send your:

Name / Contact Number / weeks of pregnancy