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Upcoming Events This March

Upcoming March Events

March 3rd

Mindfulness Sessions

March 3rd - 11am to 12:30pm

Cost: 120 RMB Per session

            100 RMB when paid in advance !!

Location: OASIS International Hospital 

Being apart of the expatriate community in Beijing can be challenging to say the least. As an expat you are uprooted from your home and have to create a new one in a challenging unknown environment. “How can a hospital help with this?” 

OASIS International Hospital and Nathalie Dorbes, Mindfulness and Stress management practitioner, understands that mental health, inner happiness, and peace are of the utmost importance for your overall health. Nathalie is an experienced expat having lived in more than 13 countries over the past 23 years. She knows how it feels to lose your bearings and to be uprooted from a location. As a Mindfulness and Stress management practitioner, she has been assisting the international community to feel more rooted and connected in her Mindfulness sessions. 

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March 8th

Joy of Ladies Wellness

"International Women's Day Event"

March 8th - 10am to 12pm

Cost: 300 RMB per person

            Includes a healthy snack

Location: Beijing Rivieria Clubhouse, Oak Room, 3rd Floor

Join OASIS International Hospital and Youme Specialists over International Women's Day for a not to miss morning of impowerment, reflextion and wellness. In today's fast paced society, we as women can forget to take a little R&R and put ourselves first. The Joy of Ladies Wellness aims to celebrate the power of women and share the joy of wellness with you. Introducing our experts:

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March 23rd

OASIS Blood Drive

March 23rd - 9am to 11:30am

Cost: Free

Requirements: Chinese ID or Passport

Before donation:

Avoid alcohol, medication and greasy foods

Location: OASIS International Hospital

This March 23rd, OASIS International Hospital, in coordination with the Beijing Red Cross Blood Center, will be hosting a blood drive here at the hospital. Giving blood doesn't require a national day to donate. We encourage all able persons to donate for this worthy cause and Share Life. Give Blood.

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