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【Blood Drive】June 14th @OASIS
【Blood Drive】June 14th @OASIS
The What, When & Where? of Newborn Documentation
Knowing what to prepare for your newborn's arrival is tough. You find yourself with an endless to-do-list of things to buy, stuff to research and of course, documents to process. To help lighten the load a little, we here at OASIS International Hospital have prepared a reference guide for Chinese and Foreign nationals, to enlighten new parents of certain documentation required for their newborn...
Your Pediatric & Family Medicine Team for Children's Services
Your Pediatric & Family Medicine Team for Children's Services
【OASIS】Clinic Hours for May Public Holidays
OASIS International Hospital Clinic hours for over the coming month's public holidays: International Worker's Day:May 1st Dragon Boat Festival:May 27th - 30th OASIS INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL 400-8762-747
Rental Bikes - A Help or Hazard?
“There are nine million bicycles in Beijing….” Familiar lyrics, perhaps not so much a familiar reality over the past couple of years here in China with cars reigning the transportation market. But with the recent development of these rental bikes around the city, it’s seeming truer by the day! The introduction of the Mobike, Ofo, Bluegogo and a few more newcomers on ...