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Upcoming Event at OASIS
Upcoming Event at OASIS
OASIS Vaccines Children!
While it's still smoldering hot outside we slowly start to dream of autumn, one of my favorite seasons in Beijing. But also a time of leaky noses spreading fast through all the schools. Now is a great time to review our children's health. Winter is coming and preparation is the key. I asked one of the pediatricians at OASIS hospital how parents can prepare their children for the next season. Dr...
Get Healthy for School at OASIS Hospital
School is starting up again in Beijing. Getting all the students and teachers back to a routine can be a challenge, especially after a summer holiday - weeks of spending time abroad with family and friends, or enjoying the Beijing summer. What we all should have done this summer: catching up on our precious sleep, maintaining our healthy diets, and exercised on regular basis. Wh...
【Maximize Your Convenience in Summer】-OASIS OK-Lens
Introducing OASIS OK-Lens What are OK-lenses? Ok-lens are therapeutic contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea while you sleep to correct nearsightedness. It is referred to as “Orthokeratology,” a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure where glass permeable lenses are fitted for overnight use. How do OK-lenses work? ...
【For Shiny and Healthy Summer!】- OASIS Summer Package
Even though Summerhas already passed a half of its way, the Sun is still burning hot and itsenergy is at peak above our heads. How are you enjoying your Summer vacationand how are you taking good care of your health in humid and extremely hotweather? If you want to make your rest of Summer more enjoyable, more comfortable,healthier, shinier, and cooler, check out OASIS Summer packages before Su...