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Hand surgery is one of our unique specialist services here at OASIS. Our team can attend to and address problems such as upper limb, nerve, tissue & tendon injuries, congenital malformations, tissue defects, burns and tumors involving the upper limbs.  who leads the hand surgery team, is a graduate under the National Academician Wang Shuhuan from the Beijing Jishuitan Hospital – the birthplace of hand surgery in China. Dr. Li has honed her skills with nearly two decades of experience in the US and is highly regarded by her peers and patients in her skills and knowledge of microsurgery and anatomy. At OASIS, you can be assured of the expertise of Dr. Li and her team.


Various types of hand trauma, burns, emergency treatment of infections
Hand, foot trauma and deformity and functional reconstruction after burns (such as tendon adhesiolysis,
fingers, thumb reconstruction, reconstruction of thumb motor skills)
Peripheral nerve repair (such as the median nerve, ulnar nerve, radial nerve compression syndrome, carpal
tunnel syndrome, brachial plexus injury, nerve transplantation, transplantation of nerve bundles)
Tendon-related diseases (such as tendon defect repair, tendon function reconstruction, tendon sheath tumor, etc.)
Hand, foot congenital deformity correction (such as multi-finger, conjoined fingers, giant finger surgery,
pediatric forearm buckling malformations, congenital foot deformity, etc.)
Finger, palm, broken wrist, broken hand, arm replantation
Free (muscle) flap technique for repair of all types of wounds
Late functional reconstruction of nerve injury
Vascularized bone, muscle flap transplantation in the treatment of bone defects, osteomyelitis and bone
Dupuytren's surgery
Phalanges, metacarpals, wrist, forearm closed and open fractures
Hand open and closed treatment of bone and joint injuries
Bone tumors, soft tissue tumors, skin cancer treatment