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Bariatric & Metabolic



Credo of Asia-Prio

Aisa-Prio members believe that we are completed by helping people.

 Patients and quality are our Priority” is Asia-Prio core-value.

Asia-Prio will focus on every effort to provide the highest-quality healthcare on diabetes and obesity patients.


Service  Diabetes Surgery/Metabolic Surgery


Metabolic surgery

  Surgery has been shown to provide dramatic improvement and remission in blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and lipid control in obese patients with T2DM. In these patients, metabolic surgery involves re-arrangement of gastrointestinal tract, which modulate imbalance of gastrointestinal hormone from obesity and diabetes. At present, both American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) have suggested metabolic surgery in treating severe obesity with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. And nowadays it is being implicated in mild to moderate obesity.


Mechanism of remission

Through restricting food intake and bypassing part of small bowel, we could adjust the unbalanced gastrointestinal hormones, and reduce insulin resistance, therefore restore the function of pancreas, and finally control the diabetes.



For poorly controlled type II diabetes patients, surgical intervention should be performed as early as possible. Surgery would provide best benefit for patient, who still receiving diet control or oral hypoglycemic agents. However the surgical benefit would decrease in old age, prolonged diabetic course, and underweight patients.

Patents who could not take regular medication or insulin injection control.



LDJB-SG is invented by Professor Huang Chih-Kun, and it involves in sleeve gastrectomy and bypassing duodenojunal part of small bowels. It could decrease hunger by reducing Ghrelin. Absorption of fat and sugar are also decreased by bypassing bowels. Hormone change of gastrointestinal tract owns incretin effect that restores pancreatic function to achieve glucose homeostasis.


Service Bariatric surgery / weight loss surgery

According to Asia criteria, BMI>37 or BMI>32 with co-morbidities has been defined as morbid obesity. In this condition, bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)should be considered. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of part of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy) or by re-routing the small intestines with a small gastric pouch (gastric bypass surgery).

Long-term studies show the procedures cause very significant long-lasting weight loss, diabetic remission improvement in cardiovascular risk factors, and a reduction in mortality of 23% from 40%.


Gastric bypass

It is treated as Gold standard bariatric surgery, is the most common operation performed in the world. It separates the stomach to two parts, and reduces the gastric volume to 30ml, and then bypasses part of the small bowel. This operation not only restrict intake but also reduce absorption. It could reduce 80% excess weight loss .


Sleeve gastrectomy

This operation resect great curvature part of stomach, and reduce the volume of stomach to 100ml. This operation could reduce ghrelin level and therefore decrease hunger. This is a simple operation with less long term complications. This operation could also reduce 70-80% excess weight loss.


Adjustable gastric banded plication operation

Prof. Huang Chih-kun invented this novel operation. It resized the stomach to 100ml by plicating the stomach and applied an adjustable band on stomach. It could reduce weight by plication of stomach and then controlweight via the adjustable band. This is a reversible operation.

Features of surgery

Scarless / No sutures / Fast recovery

We use high end laparoscopic facilities and instruments. Minimal wound pain, fastest recovery



Comparison of traditional laparoscopic surgery and single incision laparoscopic surgery

Dr. Chih-Kun(C-K) Huang.

·Founder & Chairman, International Excellence Federation for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery (IEF)

·Vice President, CDMAChinese Diabetes Mellitus Association

·President, Asia-Prio Bariatric & Metabolic International Surgery Center (OASIS international Hospital, Beijing /BenQ International Medical Center, Nanjing)

·Director, International Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Center of E-Da Hospital

·Director, Bariatric & Metabolic International (B.M.I) Surgery Center of E-Da Hospital

Dr. Huang invented LDJB-SG & LAGBP, unique surgeries for diabetic and obesity treatment.

Dr. Huang was the first doctor accredited by the US-based organization, Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) as first international Centers of Excellence (ICE) in Asia Pacific area.

International academic publishing / books

·3 Chinese Bariatric and diabetes surgery Books

·2 English Bariatric and diabetes Books

·More than 50 SCI papers

·More than 100 international live demonstration surgeries

·More than 100 international invited speech, 15 countries

·More 200 international doctors trained by him

C-K Therapy

Prof. Chih-kun Huang has great influences on laparoscopic bariatric and metabolic surgery all over the world.

1st Single incision trans-umbilical laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

1st Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banded plication (LAGBP).

1st Liver retraction in laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

1st Epidural anesthesia Laparoscopic gastric bypass.

1st loop duodenojeunal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy.

Prof. Huang possesses several world (include EU) patents in bariatric and metabolic surgery.


Specialized Medical Care Service


Outpatient services

Staff will accompany with patients all the time, International specialists service, Multi-language interpretations, High- standard protection of patient privacy, Fast appointments and international webmeeting.


Health examinations

International Specialists, Fast and accurate reports


Resort-design environment

We offer the best medical services and also a resort-like environment, including private room for you and your family. There are piano, art decorations, café, and restaurants available in the hospital for your convenience.


Counsel and service by dedicated staff

We have specialized service system to provide complete information and our specialists would explain all patients ‘questions.


Make an appointment by dedicated staff

Our dedicated staff makes private appointment for every patient. You would not spend time in waiting.


Exclusive instruments and equipments

All facilities are certified and qualified for safety.


Complete physical and laboratory examinations

Before surgery, our specialists would explain your results of medical examinations and recommend the best treatments for you.


Airport shuttle service

We provide airport shuttle for your convenience.



One-stop services

We offer one-stop services, and it starts from first consultation, outpatient visit, hospitalization, and future follow-up.


High- quality nursing

Each licensed nurse is capable of speaking foreign language. You are receiving the best nursing care.


Holistic care

Patients are our first prioprity. We offer an individual and interdisciplinary service system for patients' delight.


Disposable surgical consumables

For safety priority, we only use disposable surgical consumables, prevent cross-infections


Personalized meal plan

Based on you dietary habits and physical conditions, we offer personalized meals after surgery.


VIP 6 star room

Guestrooms are warming and cozy. Sofa bed is provided for patients' family. Free Wifi access makes the room home-like and private office.


·After surgery

Individual instruction

Project managers instruct how to take care of hygiene issues and dietary plan during and after surgery.


24 hours telephone helpline service

Case managers are in charge of any questions 24 hrs after surgery to make sure our medical service quality.


Long-term health management

We provide post-surgery services, including individualized case file, personal treatment, regularly follow-up and customized meal plan. We will help you to maintain a healthy life.


Exquisite gift

Free gift for 6 months dietary supplements, including vitamins, protein powder, scaled water bottle, and travel bag.


Beauty Service

We will continuously offer beauty services to keep you in good shape.

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