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City Weekend Easter Party - Register for Cheaper with OASIS

Easter is coming and so is the finner weather. It's time to grab the kids a spend the day out enjoying some festivities. This coming weekend on April 16th, City Weekend will be host to their Easter Party at the V-Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel for a day of kid- and adult- friendly fun, food and activities.

If you're considering going and are looking to purchase tickets, OASIS International Hospital, as First Aid sponsors of this year's Easter Party, has ticket discount codes to share !! 

To share in the wealth, find ticket discount codes below for Adults and Kids and don't forget to, share and share alike !


Adult Tickets  

Discount Code: OASIS20 

Discount Price RMB 268 

Kids Tickets (90 - 120cm tall)

Discount Code: OASIS30 

Discount Price RMB 158 

Kids <90cm tall go Free

To purchase your tickets, follow the link below to City Weekends Easter Party promotion by pasting to your browser and click "Read More" at the end of the post to order tickets.



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