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Your Pediatric & Family Medicine Team for Children's Services

OASIS International Hospital

    Good communication is vital in the healthcare profession. Gathering a comprehensive medical history is by no means a simple task for a doctor. It is equally demanding for the patient to convey their ailments and medical history and to understand the suggested treatment. If the patient is a young child, this situation can be infinitely more difficult for the child and their parents.

    At OASIS International Hospital, we do our best to meet both your healthcare and language needs, so visiting the doctor while abroad, won’t be such a culture shock, and your voice will be heard and understood.

OASIS Pediatric Clinic Services

    Designed with your concerns in mind, the pediatric center is divided into separate units for sick and well children.

OASIS Pediatric Clinic - Foreign Specialists

    Dr. Balawis is a Philippine physician who speaks English and Filipino. As a physician here at OASIS, Dr. Balawis balances work between inpatient and outpatient care. As a general pediatrician, her scope of work includes attending to newborn deliveries, newborn inpatient rounds, newborn follow-ups in outpatient care, as well as caring for sick newborns with the availability of an NICU. Her work at the well-baby and sick-child clinics also allows her to follow children’s growth and development throughout the year’s.

    “Working here in China, I’ve come to understand the vital role I’ve come to play in their healthcare system. In this foreign environment, the ability to communicate with patients and parents in a language they understand, to educate and most of all, reassure them is very important. Building a rapport with patients and parents is also key in Pediatrics and of course the healthcare profession. Being a doctor is more than just treating the illness. Being someone who’s approachable and trusting is also important, so parents feel they can air their concerns about their children’s healthcare needs.”

    Dr. Berdoukas comes from Greek heritage, his family all originally from Greece, but grew up in Australia and speaks both English and Greek. His mentality is to ensure patients and parents are *** informed, so that any decision-making is a partnership between doctor and patient. Dr. Berdoukas initially studied law to please his parents, but after two years, withdrew to pursue what has always been his passion - medicine. A specialized pediatrics physician, he has worked in the field of hemoglobin disorders for almost 40 years, and established procedures for prenatal diagnosis of thalassemia and other significant hemoglobin disorders. In addition to co-authoring a book on the Clinical Approach to Thalassemia, he has at least 50 publications in the field of pediatrics and hematology.

    “For some reason, I always wanted to be a doctor. I suppose it was because the few times that I became ill, the kind doctors who looked after me, and in my eyes, made be better, impressed me very much and they became my role model. My parents had migrated from Greece to Australia before I was born, so I went for my medical studies at Sydney University.”

OASIS Family Medicine - Foreign Specialists

    Dr. Emily Kara, a graduate of Oxford University and a fluent speaker of both English and French, is Head of Family Medicine at OASIS and has been a dedicated employee since the beginning of 2015. As a General Practitioner, Dr. Kara is on the first line for all medical and surgical issues. In addition to being a jack-of-all-trades in the medical profession, Dr. Kara also works as a health coordinator between specialties, referring cases to the right people when needed. Dr. Kara works with many adolescents dealing with mental health issues, pediatric sick-child cases, as well as assessment of injuries in the event of an accident. As a general practitioner, she practices community pediatrics and works closely alongside other specialties, ensuring your family receives the right medical care. With referral cases, Dr. Kara will continue to follow-up on her patient’s cases, meaning patients will have one doctor that knows their case history from the beginning, ensuring better, well-informed medical decisions for the patient. With Dr. Kara, patients have just one person to touch base with, and for issues not requiring a specialist, it saves time and money.

    “I have always been very interested in mysteries and getting to the bottom of seemingly complicated cases. To me, being a doctor is being a specialized health detective. I enjoy piecing together different symptoms and trying to find an underlying diagnosis. As a general practitioner, I see people of all ages with every single complaint imaginable. Each case is different because each person is different and how symptoms affect their lives is so variable.”

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