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First Aid Training for Ayi - June 10th

First Aid Training for Ayi will take place this coming June 10th.

OASIS First Aid Training for Ayi is a one day certified training in Pediatric first aid. Families can sign up an Ayi to get trained in first aid protocols as well as house hold safety awareness, so when you leave home, you can be assured of a safer environment and a competent caregiver for your children.

In a change to previous trainings, we are now inviting employers to join trainings with their Ayi. The training will be presented in both Chinese and English with theory and practical training. Employers wishing to just audit the class, can do so free of charge. If you wish to also obtain a first aid certificate, the same cost for Ayis of 300 RMB will apply.

Course content covers the basics of first aid and CPR, learning about first aid kits, prevention and treatment of medical emergencies such as fever, choking and serious illnesses such as menigitis, as well as injury due to accidents like falling, drowning, burns, management of bleeding and outdoor emergencie such as, bites and stings, heat stroke and more.


Time: 9:00 to 12:00

Date: Saturday, June 10th

Location: OASIS International Hospital

Cost: 300 RMB per Ayi

          Class Auditing free for employers

          (300 RMB if Certificate required)

Registration Method

1) Message the MyOASIS WeChat account

2) Or, Email: Ashley.Gaul@oasishealth.cn


Send your:

Name / Contact Number / Name of Class

& Name of Ayi


How many are registering?

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