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Tough Decisions Made A Little Easier - OASIS Surgical Packages

    Surgery is never routine when you’re the patient. Our programs are designed to minimise the stress and discomfort of surgery and the risk of postoperative complications. No matter how simple or complex the procedure, we provide a personal plan of care to guide you through treatment and recovery.

    The Surgery Department is equipped with the latest in advanced medical equipment and digital operating room. Our team of surgical specialists and expert nursing team provides professional yet personal care to meet the needs of all our patients and guide them to a full recovery. Our minimally invasive surgeries reduce pain and scarring as well as speed up recovery time. The surgical scope of services includes but is not limited to General Surgery, Orthopedics, Thoracic, Hepatobiliary, Urology and Vascular surgery. Our surgical team has had some great achievements within minimally invasive surgeries such as, General surgery, Low colorectal cancer sphincter preserving surgery, Bariatric surgery, Arthroscopy surgery, Cosmetic surgery and much more.

Specialty Services:

Low colorectal cancer sphincter preserving surgery

Inter sphincter radical resection surgery maintains the anus, preserving the defecation, sexual and urinary function of the patient, no matter how low the tumor is located.

Weight loss surgery or Bariatric surgery

Bariatric services include, Gastric bypass surgery, Sleeve gastrectomy and Gastric banding. After performing weight loss surgery, patients can lose 70-80% excess weight.

Replacement and Orthopedic surgery

Limb and spinal injury repair surgery, primary joint replacement, revision surgery, tumor replacement and spinal surgery.

Arthroscopy diagnosis and treatment

Minimally invasive treatment for various types of joint diseases, also known as “keyhole surgery”, the incision hole only measures 5mm in diameter which leads to minimal scarring, reduced pain and a quick recovery.

Introducing OASIS International Hospital's Surgical Packages

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