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【4th July】- Happy American Independence Day

  Fourth of July, Happy the 241st Birthday of the United States of America ! Best wishes for the Land of Free and Home of Brave ! Let’s check out what happened on last Saturday to celebrate this special day.

  Last Saturday, the 1st of July 2017, hundreds of people gathered at the NUO hotel Beijing to celebrate Independence Day in America. 

  This year marked the 241st Birthday of the United States of America and was organised byAmchamChina

  At this sold out event, the national colours red, white, and blue covered the venue and the American spirt was felt throughout.

  This grand event was held on two floors within the hotel, with activities for the children and a food buffet being based on the 2nd floor. 

  The buffet offered a variety of American food, including mini burger, hot dog and traditional New York cheese cake for desert. 

  Amongst the countless amusements for the children to explore and delight in, was a bouncy castle in which many of the children played and worked up an appetite before going to the buffet.


As well as this a clown was present which made balloon animals, so during the event children ran around smiling as they held onto their new balloon toys.

  Furthermore, mini golf, football tables, and other games were available for the children to enjoy. 

  At this event OASIS had three booths. Two booths were placed on the 2nd floor, the first offered very excited children temporary tattoos, face painting, and the opportunity to win toys. 

  For most of the day children crowded around the booth to get temporary tattoos, with many returning multiple times to get more. 

   Also placed on the 2nd floor was a first aid stall providing urgent care to all at the event should it be needed. 

  The boothl on the upper floor gave away numerous free dental check-ups along with many other gifts. 

During the event, the national anthem was delivered, causing everyone to stop and listen attentively. 

  This was followed by an evocative speech by Terry Branstad, the USA Ambassador, in which he expressed hope for further unity between the USA and China. 

  He then thanked Oasis Hospital as well as the other sponsors for their support of this day. Terry Branstad later met with Peter Chen the CEO of Oasis Hospital. 

  After that a large cake decorated identically to the American flag was cut and shared amongst the attendees.

  While variety of events held in grand ballroom on second floor, there were also amazing events happened in outdoor garden on the 5th floor. 


The upper floor provided a bar and live music to enjoy whist celebrating.

   Finally, Lucky draw was held towards the end of the event, in which a variety of great prises from different sponsors were given out.