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Summer in TCM - Balance Yang Qi to Cope With Summer Heat

  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is five seasons each year – Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter, each corresponding five elements –FireEarth,MetalWater and Wood

 Summer represents the outward expression of energy and it is expansive in nature, movement and activity. It is season of maximum Yang qi and is ruled by the Fire element. People are full of energy and the body’s Yang qi and vitality are at their peak. It is a time to cultivate the Yang energy (fire), while making sure that it does not come to excess.

   In TCM, fire element is associated with the heartsmall intestine and emotional well being.

   When our body is physically well balanced, the heart circulates oxygen rich blood throughout the whole body, and assures proper assimilation in the beginning stages of digestion in the small intestine. When the heart is balanced, the mind is calm and we sleep deeply and wake rested.

  By contrary, when our body is imbalanced, we may have symptoms such as excessive sweating, easily annoyed, low spirit, restless, sleeping difficulties, depression, indigestion…

  There are ways to keep good balance of Yang qi and control fire element to make the most Summer

+ Drink plenty of water and other fluids

Wake up earlier in the morning

Go to bed later in the evening

+ Rest at midday

+ Add pungent flavors to your diet.

+ Refrain from anger; keep balm and even-tempered. (anger causes and exacerbates heat!)

 Living in harmony with nature and environment is the basic principle of TCM. In TCM, all foods have temperature and energetic properties. We can balance the heat (Yang qi) by eating Yin foods (cooling food). Many raw foods are seen to be cooling in nature, so summer is the perfect time to keep our body cool and to hydrate our body. Yin foods are:

-apricot, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, lemon, peach, cucumber, orange, asparagus, bean sprouts, bok choy, bamboo, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, corn, white mushroom, snow peas, spinach, summer squash, watercress, seaweed, cilantro, mint, dill, bitter gourd, mung beans, wax gourd, lotus root, lotus seed, job’s tears, duck, fish

TCM OASIS Summer Patches on Promotion Now

Why should you consider summer patches?

  According to TCM, snafu herbal patches are an effective and wise way to treat potential illness in winter ahead of summer. In wintertime, a person’s yang elements are lacking, so chronic diseases attributed to a “cold nature”, such as coughs, asthma and arthritis, will occur or worsen when winter arrives. It’s important to take advantage of summer time when yang elements are abundant to anticipate and relieve a number of “cold nature” conditions.

What are summer patches?

  TCM summer patches are a treatment method in which processed Chinese herbal preparations are applied directly to specific acupoints during the Sanfu period. Snafu herbal patches are “hot” in nature and contain herbs such as ginger, semen brassicae. The patches when applied to specific acupuncture points, usually on the back and neck, replenish the yang elements.

What conditions can be treated?

  Through years of clinical practices, it’s been proven that TCM summer patches are effective at improving a person’s immunity and are effective in 80% of treatments for asthma, chronic, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis and colds

OASIS TCM Summer Patches (San fu tie)

OASIS TCM Summer Patches Promotion Details

Sanfu Period for 2017

 1st period “Toufu”: July 12th – July 21st

▶ 2nd period “Zhongfu” Session 1: July 22nd – July 31st; Session 2: August 1st – August 10th

▶ 3rd period “Mofu”: August 11th – August 20th 


 RMB 499 (for 4 patches)


▶ Applicable to adults and children over 6 months

  Patches should be applied on a day of your choosing during each of the three 10 day periods

▶ A 7-10 day interval should be kept between patch application

▶ Summer patch application should be continued consecutively for the folloing 3 to 5 Summers

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