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【For Shiny and Healthy Summer!】- OASIS Summer Package

  Even though Summerhas already passed a half of its way, the Sun is still burning hot and itsenergy is at peak above our heads. How are you enjoying your Summer vacationand how are you taking good care of your health in humid and extremely hotweather? If you want to make your rest of Summer more enjoyable, more comfortable,healthier, shinier, and cooler, check out OASIS Summer packages before Summerends. These various Summer packages are there ready to satisfy your desire tobe perfectly shiny, get fit and enjoy your rest of Summer to the fullest. 

Introducing OASIS Summer Packages



If you are looking for non-surgical andnon-invasive way to have clearer vision, OK-Lenses are the solution. Ok-Lenseswill increase the convenience of your life, and boost up your confidence. Now thereis no need of wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day, Ok-lenses willrecover nearsightedness while you sleep. Experience this miracle every morning!


Sleep Clinic

Sleepis a very important part of any of our lives, but it has a high sensitivity to manyinternal and external disturbances or factors. Extremely hot weather duringSummer season also can generate sleep disorders, and they are deeply related toour health and safety. Fortunately, these sleep disorders can be easilymanaged, once properly diagnosed.


OASIS Teeth Whitening Package

Whiteshiny, well-aligned, and flawless teeth used to be considered as the typical symbolof celebrities. Actually, teeth whitening care has a lot more benefits than youthink. Now it’s time to show up your beautiful and attractive smile. Meet OASISTeeth Whitening package to perfectly shine in Summer!


TCM Summer Patches

Are you suffering from Summer heat and Summer fatigue? According to TraditionalChinese Medicine, controlling and balancing Yang Energy ruled by fire element,which is at its peak in Summer season is very important. OASIS TCM Summer patchwill help you get over Summer heat and soothe your exhausted and stressed body.Meet this historical remedy now!

OASIS TCM Summer Patches Promotion Details

Sanfu Period for 2017

▶ 1st period “Toufu”: July 12th – July 21st

▶ 2nd period “Zhongfu” Session 1: July 22nd – July 31st; Session 2: August 1st – August 10th

▶ 3rd period “Mofu”: August 11th – August 20th 


 RMB 499 (for 4 patches)


▶ Applicable to adults and children over 6 months

  Patches should be applied on a day of your choosing during each of the three 10 day periods

▶ A 7-10 day interval should be kept between patch application

▶ Summer patch application should be continued consecutively for the folloing 3 to 5 Summers


Teacher's Checkup Package

Summervacation has almost arrived at its end in most of schools, and now it’s time tobe back to school. Every beginning of semester must be one of the busiest andexciting moment for both students and teachers. Proper preparation for class isnot only needed for teachers, being in the optimal health condition is alsonecessary for them before meeting their little angels. OASIS Health Check-upfor Teachers are on promotion now!

Maximize the quality of your Summer and Shine yourself withOASIS Summer packages! 

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