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【Maximize Your Convenience in Summer】-OASIS OK-Lens

Introducing OASIS OK-Lens

What are OK-lenses?

  Ok-lens are therapeutic contact lenses that gently reshape the cornea while you sleep to correct nearsightedness. It is referred to as “Orthokeratology,” a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure where glass permeable lenses are fitted for overnight use.

How do OK-lenses work?

  The goal of OK-lenses is to correct your vision without the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day. They work by reshaping the cornea while you sleep, so that in the morning when you remove the lenses, light will be reflected directly on to the retina, essentially correcting your vision temporarily.

  Eye care practitioners usually aim for 20/20 vision after orthokeratology, but 20/40 vision (the legal minimum for driving in most of the United States) often is considered an acceptable outcome.


How long will the OK-Lens effect last?

   You should be able to see acceptably well without glasses or contact lenses for a day or two, sometimes longer. For best results, you should wear OK-lenses every night.


Who can use them?

   OK-lenses can be worn by most people with mild to moderate myopia (with or without mild astigmatism).

  Good candidates for OK-lens wear:

  • adults and children

  • those too young or not eligible for refractive surgery

  • those taking part in contact sports


  OK-lenses are prescribed for two purposes:

  • To correct refractive errors (primarily nearsightedness, but also lesser degrees of astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia).

  • To slow the progression of childhood myopia.


NoteThe type and amount of refractive error that can be effectively managed with orthokeratology differ on a case-by-case basis. Your eye doctor will be able to give you more specific guidance after examining your eyes.


Benefits of OK-lenses:

  • Freedom from wearing glasses and contact lenses during the day.

  •  No more contact-lens induced dry eye.

  •   No more lost or broken eyeglasses.

  •   No more interference with activities.

  •  More confidence as a young child or teen without glasses.

OASIS OK-Lens Summer Special

Package Details

  • One OK-Lens, a bottle of Boston Rewetting Drops 10ml, Peike Can RGP Rigid Myopia Contact Lens Care Solution 120ml.

  • Optometry Exam – Includes basic eye exam, refraction test, intraocular pressure and corneal topography. 

  • OK-Lens fitting and prescription service. 

  • Lens care guidance. 

  • Ophthalmic follow-up visit. 


  • OK-Lens promotional price cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, membership or other. 

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