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Love Teeth Day - Love Your Teeth Everyday!

  Today is national "Love Teeth Day." But if you are a parent like me, you will know that sometimes teeth are not loved. When babies are teething in the middle of the night, it's especially hard to love teeth. My daughter was five months when she had four teeth cutting all at once. Those nights I did not love teeth at all.

  Since she got her teeth we religiously brushed her teeth in the morning and at night. Not with ease or without some fights, I must admit. Taking care of children's teeth from young age is important to set the tone for their oral health. I strive to take care of her precious teeth by showing her that we parents brush our teeth twice a day, if not more. We sing songs, we let her brush her teeth herself. We read books about healthy teeth, and we sing funny songs. Does this always work? No, it does not and some days she has gone to bed without brushing her teeth. Nobody likes to be forced anything into their mouth. But we start again every day, and have patience to keep her teeth healthy.

  The aim of the nationwide "Love Teeth Day" is to promote oral health with the Chinese population. This campaign has been very successful in the last 20 years. Dental professionals have been working hard to gain awareness in oral health. The campaign has grown each year and the rise of use of fluoride toothpaste proofs that the campaign is fruitful.

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