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Just Breathe-Mindfulness Workshop @ Oasis International Hospital

  Being part of the expatriate community in Beijing can be challenging to say the least. As an expat you are uprooted from your home and have to create a new home in a challenging environment. “How can a hospital help with this?” I hear you think. OASIS hospital understands that mental health, inner happiness, and peace are of utmost importance for your overall health. Nathalie Dorbes is an experienced expat; she has lived in more than 13 countries over 23 years. Dorbes knows how it feels to lose her bearings and to be uprooted from a location. Dorbes is a Mindfulness and Stress management practitioner; she has been assisting the international community to feel more rooted and connected.

  Sophrology or mindfulness means “the science of theconsciousness in harmony.”  It wasfounded in 1960 by a neuro-psychiatrist in Spain and has been used intensivelyin Europe for more than 55 years in hospitals. Mindfulness methods are proven to assist with stress and anxiety.  Stress and anxiety were some of the problemsI faced while moving to Beijing, but I know I was not alone. Thinking back tothese months of feeling uprooted gives me anxiety.

  I have been with Dorbes and she guided me through meditation to help me relax and breathe. These tools and techniques are very helpful, and I felt more like me and in control of the situation. We invite the international community of Beijing for a morning of mindfulness and connecting with their inner breath. This opportunity is also anopportunity to connect with other people in Beijing, and to meet Nathalie Dorbes. Find out how the practice of mindfulness helps you be the best possible version of yourself and create balance and harmony for yourself and the people around you.

Introducing our Sophrology Workshop

Location: OASIS International hospital
September 23rd, Saturday, 10:30  - 12:00
Cost: RMB 100 per person
Note: Sophrology Workshop is Prepaid Event
We have only a few spots left for the mindfulness workshop Saturday. Please ensure your space by signing up before Friday, with Pauline through her WeChat. 
For more details, please check out the flyer below

What is Sophrology? 

Sophrology or mindfulness means "the science of the consciousness in harmony". It was founded in1960 by a neuro-psychiatrist in Spain and has been used intensively in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain for more than 55 years in hospitals, schools, companies, sports coaching and more.

Sophrology uses a very practical set of tools: relaxation, breathing, visualization and simple movements to assist with stress, anxiety, self-confidence, preparing for exams, speaking in public or interviews, sports mental preparation, insomnia, burnout, chronic fatigue, pain, depression, as well as prenatal guidance and preparation for pregnancy and labor.

How to Join Sophrology Workshop?

Please scan QR cord on event flyer and add up Pauline on Wechat. And Please send your Name, Email, Contact Number to Pauline.

For More Inquiry or Information about Sophrology Workshop, Please Contact to Pauline's Wechat