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Popular Childbirth Workshop Again @ OASIS International Hospital

 Every month OASIS International Hospital holds a childbirth workshop. I vividly remember when I had a childbirth workshop around five years ago with my husband. Many interesting things were learnt, and many interesting things were also forgotten because of pregnancy brain. But slowly after we had our newborn, I came out of the baby blues daze and started to remember the wise words shared at my workshop.

 Nothing will really prepare new parents for what will come after giving birth, but some information is always nice. And even better, you will meet other couples who are in the same boat. Meeting new friends and creating a support network is almost as important as learning about newborn bowel movements.

 The workshop will cover anything you might want to know about the birth and the care of a newborn. Some topics that will be discussed are:

+ Delivery options

+ Labor and the stages of labor

+ How to care for your newborn

+ When it's time to call the doctor

+ How to dress your newborn

+ New parents will practice how to swaddle

+ Breastfeeding facts and how to ensure a positive breast-feeding experience

For more details and information please check out the flyer below

OASIS Childbirth Workshop

October 21st, 9:00 am - 14:00 pm

(RMB 100 per person)


Location: OASIS International Hospital, Room 108

Cost: 100 RMB

How to Register:

Email: katja.kinnunen@oasishealth.cn


Send your:

Name / Contact Number / E-mail adress


Pregnant? How many weeks are you?

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