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Kids get hurt. A lot. My four year old has had her share oftrips and falls. But this Monday was the first time I had to speed to thehospital with her, blood gushing out of her mouth and nose.  A nasty trip on her face in the bathroomneeded attention and I had to quickly get a taxi to the hospital. Of course itwas almost rush hour.

  I called the hospital ahead of time so they knew I wascoming, and they kindly spoke with my taxi driver so he could make haste. Mydaughter's face started to swell in the car and I had forgotten to take an icebag with us. Luckily when we arrived at OASIS international hospital the nurseprovided one for us.

  Of course, as per usual with kids, they get to the hospitaland the pain seemingly disappears.  Theyalways seem to be happy in an interesting new environment. We had an X-ray tomake sure all her bones were where they were supposed to be in her face. Herbones were fine, but she had a nasty cut on the inside of her mouth. The ERdoctor in charge decided that a stitch or two were in order.  We met with doctor Harvey Zhou who would dothe procedure. Incidentally, I had wanted to meet him for an interview, but Dr.Harvey is a very busy man and his schedule fully booked with surgeries made itimpossible. It almost seemed like fate intended for us to meet anyway. I had fullconfidence in Dr Harvey and happy that he would do the procedure.

 Our daughter is only four years old, so there would be noway she would just sit still and let that happen.  She needed to have general anesthesia. Thiswas probably a bit scary as she refused to put the mask on her face, no matterhow we tried. The stitching took around 20 seconds and I have now seen with myown eyes that Dr Harvey is very skilled, professional and also kid friendly.

  Four hours after we arrived in the hospital we could takeour daughter home, perhaps with stiches and a very bruised face, but absolutelycertain she won’t be doing any more acrobatic tricks in the bathroom.

  If you have kids, ice packs in the freezer are a must. Alsoit's wise to have the phone number of the hospital somewhere handy. Program thehospital's address into your taxi app just in case. I know it made my run tothe ER a bit faster. 

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