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Protect Yourself and Family Against the Flu This Season

Winter is around the corner and that means the flu season has arrived. Nothing is worse than getting the flu, especially if it could have been prevented. October is the best month to get your protection against the flu. There are countless reasons why you should get a flu shot; flu vaccine helps protect women during and after pregnancy, and the vaccine reduces the risk of children and elderly being admitted in the hospital within influenza. OASIS International Hospital has the flu vaccine in store and is ready to protect Beijing. Here are some facts to counter myths and concerns about the flu vaccine.


"I already had the flu shot last year, there's no need to repeat it!"

The influenza viruses A/B are remarkable for their high rate of mutation, which compromises the ability of the immune system to protect against the new yearly variants. Updated vaccines are produced each year to fight the new strains of circulation viruses.


"Even if I get a flu vaccination, I can still catch the flu."

There can be a number of reasons why you may have caught the flu despite being vaccinated:

  • The vaccine didn't have enough time to provide full immunity: it takes two weeks from the flu shot to develop immunity to influenza. If you get sick within a few weeks from vaccination, you may have been exposed to the virus right before or after the vaccination.

  • You have another illness with similar symptoms, such as cold, bronchitis or stomach flu.

  • Your body didn't respond to the vaccine; if happnes rarly, but the vaccination will still continue to protect against pneumonia and other flu complications.


"The flu shot can give you the flu!"

Flu vaccines are made from killed influenza viruses; they can't give you the flu.


"Not everyone can take a flu shot!"

CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine protection for everyone 6 months and older. There are a few exceptions however, such as individuals with severe allergic reactions to eggs (used in making the vaccine), neomycin, or to prior flu vaccinations. Furthermore, if you are very ill with a high fever, you will need to postpone your vaccination.


"I have always been healthy; only the very old and sick need a flu shot."

Both adults and children who are in good health need the flu shot to stay healthy. Flu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses and prevent flu-related hospitalizations. Even if you aren't at high risk of complications, you should get a flu shot to prevent the spread of the flu virus in your environment and to protect your beloved ones - especially if you are living with elderly or young babies, or taking care of sick family members.


"I am pregnant/ plan to get pregnant/ breastfeeding."

Flu vaccines are safe to the baby and the mother. It will help prevent complications of severe influenza and is recommended by both the United States and Chinese CDC. If you are in first trimester of pregnancy however, please seek medical advice regarding the flu vaccine beforehead.