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First-aid Training for Ayis & Parents

 Accidents are always around the corner when you have kids. I secretly want to go back to the newborn baby days, when my daughter could not move around yet. What really helped me as a parent was participating in a course about giving first-aid to babies and kids, organized by the local hospital. Armed with information I was ready to start weaning my daughter, as I knew what to do in case of emergency.

 Great news for Beijing parents and ayis! OASIS International Hospital will hold first-aid trainings for parents and Ayis. Involving the ayi in the training is very impoertant as they are the unsung heroes taking care of our kids. It's important as a parent to feel confident that you are leaving your kids in safe hands. Therefore the courses will be provided in both English and Chinese.

 A detailed list of what the course will cover is on the flyer underneath this article. I have highlighted some of the course content here.

Phoning for help:

I've personally had to phone for an ambulance when I first arrived in Beijing, unfortunately. This was one of the scariest and most traumatic phone calls I've made. Eventually we got the help we needed and it all turned out fine, but it was very stressful. Having some guidance on how to call emergency services can save lives.


I found that when I started to wean my daughter she would choke on food very often. Fortunately I learned how to respond to these situations during the first-aid course.


Fevers are very common with kids, but fortunately most of the time there is nothing to worry about. You will learn what to do and how to respond to fevers.

Head injuries:

Kids get hurt a lot. When they learn to walk, it is inevitable that heads get bumped. What to do with serious head injuries? You will learn all about it during the course.


This is something I would like to know more about. Mosquito bites are no joke in Beijing, and my daughter has had several painful reactions.

Recovery position:

This is something we all should know regardless of whether we have children or not. Learn what the recovery position is and when to apply it.

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