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4D ultrasound - Up Close and Personal

OASIS International Hospital now offers


4D Ultrasound Scans

~~ A 3D Moving Image of Your Baby ~~


What parent is not curious about an up-close meet and greet with the new addition to their family?

As opposed to the traditional 2D scans, used to observe the development of the fetus from their internal organs out, 4D scans allow you to view the external outline and defining features of your unborn baby.


Prepare to start debating who 

your baby looks like more!!

The mouth…,

 the nose…,

the fingers…,

They’re all visible with a 4D Ultrasound.


Sometimes baby can shy away from the scan, after all, we work on his schedule. Not to worry, if he is a bit hidden during the scan, your sonographer may ask you to take a walk so he may turn. In my case, a simple sugary drink was all it took to get him moving!

4D Ultrasounds are considered to be as safe as traditional 2D scans. The recommended time for preforming a 4D Ultrasound is between 24 & 28 weeks of pregnancy.

To remember this wonderful experience, you will also receive a USB of your baby’s movements during the scan and two printouts.

Promotional Offer

1500 RMB

*Additionally fee of 750 RMB to be added for each additionally fetus, eg: twins or multiple fetus pregnancies.

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