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OASIS HPV 2 Vaccination - Available Now

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a very common virus. Most people infected with HPV never develop symptoms or health issues. But sometimes infections will cause forms of cancer and other diseases. Some of these cancers are of the cervix and in the back of the throat. The HPV 2 vaccine can prevent many of these cancers and it’s advisable to have children and young adults vaccinated. The vaccine is most effective before the start of sexual activities.

HPV 2 Vaccination


Cervical Cancer is number one in China for its prevalence and mortality rate among women. The HPV 2 vaccine can reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer by 70%.


Although the HPV 2 vaccine cannot give 100% protection against cervical cancer, it is still a worthwhile investment for your health. Research has shown, the HPV vaccine provides 95% efficacy against precancerous changes, giving 70% protection against cervical cancer.


According to global research statistics after the HPV vaccine came into circulation, adverse reactions to this vaccination are minor with serious reactions rare.


9-25-year-old Women

(Those born between 1992 – 2008)

Including just turned 9 years and those just under 26 years.

Vaccine Protocol

First visit, meet with a physician for consultation, subsequent visits will be seen to by a hospital nurse.

When purchasing the HPV Vaccine Package:

            No other discount or benefits can be used

            No refund or exchange can be made after purchase

            OASIS International Hospital reserves all legal rights

The HPV 2 Vaccination Package is now available at OASIS International Hospital.  To enquire about more information or to book an appointment, call:

400 87 62747