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A Day in the Harrow Medical Clinic

Harrow International School Beijing has been part of the Beijing school scene since 2005 and is affiliated to the renowned Harrow School in London and other Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Harrow offers a British-based international education to students, proudly celebrating both it’s British and Chinese heritage. It is a school with history and tradition, a holistic approach to education and outstanding academic achievements that strives to cultivate Leadership for a better world.

Just this summer, Harrow has added the addition of a boarding school to their Beijing campus. With this new addition to the campus comes a Medical Clinic to serve the needs of students, faculty and families of employees. OASIS International Hospital has proudly been selected to run the in-house Medical Clinic and has been since August of this year. We were given the opportunity at a sneak peak in to a day at the Harrow Clinic:

The day begins at 7am, when one nurse arrives at the clinic doors. It’s still very quiet at this early hour, but soon the bustle of the school day will commence and with that, a busy clinic.

In the morning parents may drop of medication. Times during breaks are the busiest. Kids might find themselves taking a tumble in the playground and come to see the on-site nurse.

On-site Nurse attending to students

The nurses see children of all ages at the school, from 2 to 18 years. Some children come when they need medical assistance, and some when they don’t. Not to worry, our nurses have a practiced eye for knowing the real from the “fake” patients. OASIS physicians are on hand at the school twice a week to lend support to the nurses and to see the faculty and their families.

Dr. Emily Kara, Head of Family Medicine at OASIS International Hospital, is Clinical Director of the Harrow Clinic and is available at Harrow every Tuesday, along with Dr. Ejima Hiromi, Internal Medicine and General Practicianer, who you will find at the clinic every Thursday.

Dr. Emily Kara consulting with faculty

To this date, Harrow Clinic nurses have already dealt with multiple emergenies, from fractures to large head wounds and severe asthma attacts, stabilizing patients while awaiting ambulance assistance.

The Harrow Clinic also provides medical resourse assistance to Harrow Parents. Our Physicians provide important information and awareness on contagious diseases such as, the chicken pocks, hand foot and mouth disease, and many other diseases commonly circulating the school community. They assure sick students remain at home for the duration of their contagious period and long enough to get better, reducing the risk of illness spreading to other students.

OASIS International Hospital is proud to be a part of guiding these students to a successful future, in good health!

Harrow Clinic Physicians

Dr. Emily Kara

Head of Family Medicine, GP

Dr. Emily Kara has over 10 years experience working as a doctor. She specializes in the management of chronic diseases such as, diabetes, asthma, COPD and thyroid disease. Dr. Kara also deals in mental health problems. She has helped many patients cope with anxiety and depression, and can work in correlation with the psychology team. With a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Kara can give GYN checkups to patients such as cancer screening (pap smears, breast exams), STI (sexually transmitted disease) screening and give contraceptive advice. She can also follow women up to their 36th week of pregnancy.

Dr. Ejima Hiromi

Internal Medicine and GP

Dr. Ejima Hiromi specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of emergency internal medicine cases such as, chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, alcohol poisoning, gastrointestinal bleeding, metal incapacitation and sudden death. Dr. Ejima Hiromi is also adept in dealing with hypertension, diabetes, pancreatitis, as well as, pediatric cases such as, malignant tumor chemotherapy, pneumonia, convulsions, respiratory infections, digestive tract infection and urinary system infections.