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OASIS Gift Cards - What's in Your Stocking this Year?

We all know these people, they have almost everything and are impossible to buy a present for. This holiday season is the perfect time to dish out the gifts and bring joy to friends and family. But gifting the perfect gift can be hard and sometimes not as fun as you would like it to be.

OASIS International Hospital has the perfect gift for this season, a Gift Card for almost everything in the hospital! This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It has many uses and can be gifted beyond Christmas of course.

Here's a few ideas on how this card can be the perfect gift for anybody:

Baby Gift


Instead of the dreaded baby items you can gift this card to an expectant couple to take some of the strain off medical bills, giving birth and babies does not come cheap.

Hubby Gift


Give this card to the husband so he has a stick behind the door to finally get his medical issues sorted. Being a wife has never been this easy!

Employee Gift


This card is the perfect employee Christmas gift as it keeps your company thriving and healthy!

Friend's Gift


Do you have a friend that has some hospital bills pending? Help them to a healthier life with this gift

For more information on the OASIS Gift Card

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The OASIS Gift Card can also be purchased at this year's Christmas Lighting Ceremony, don't miss out! - OASIS Christmas Lighting Ceremony