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Dr. Jayne Ziermann Returns to OASIS

Choosing the right pediatrician is an important decision for both you and your baby. You'll be visiting the doctor's office numerous times throughout the first year for routine well-baby visits alone. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice, but with a little homework and legwork, you should be able to find one you like and trust.

One such sought after pediatrician is Dr. Jayne Ziermann. Dr. Jayne, previously Head of the OASIS Pediatric Clinic, is set to return this December!!

An experienced and worldly physician, Dr. Jayne earned her Doctor of Medicine in 2001 as a scholar in the University of Manila. She completed her fellowship course at KK Womens and Childrens Hospital, Singapore, in respiratory medicine and allergies, before attending the Imperial College in London, furthering her education in allergy studies. She has much experience from training and working in various internationally accredited hospitals and health care facilities before joining OASIS. Dr. Jayne is a skilled pediatrician with extensive experience in Neonatology and Emergency Pediatrics. She says, I love patient education, and I like to empower the parents with knowledge." She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions like asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis and food allergies. 

Tips on how to make the right choice of pediatrician for your family

When should I begin my search for a Pediatrician?

Some parents may already know which doctor or practice is right for them before they even conceive. But living abroad can take that certainty out of the situation and leave you searching.

Not to worry, many start their search during pregnancy and arrive at a decision around their seventh or eighth month. Making a decision well before labor and delivery allows for an informed, well-considered choice. It's a good idea to start compiling a list of candidates about four months before your due date.

Where can I get names of doctors to consider?

You can ask your obstetrician or midwife for recommendations, for starters. Hospitals, and insurance companies can also provide referrals to doctors.

And be sure to ask your local experts — friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers with kids who share your parenting philosophies and general outlook on life. Check out online profiles of physicians at hospitals or clinics you have an interest in too. A doctor’s profile can give some insight in to their areas of focus, specialties and years of experience.

Common concerns parents may have:

Answers specific to OASIS International Hospital

1. Do the Pediatrician’s hours suit your schedule?

At OASIS, the Pediatric clinic is open Monday to Saturday for all well-baby and sick-baby visits, OASIS also provides 24/7 Pediatric Emergency Care services. Appointments are easy to set up by:

telephone – 400 8762 747

web – www.oasishealth.cn

email – appointments@oasishealth.cn 

or through the OASIS application

2. How does the office handle inquiries?

The OASIS Hotline number is open 24/7 and welcomes all inquiries - 400-8762-747.

3. Does the doctor accept and answer questions by email?

Yes, at OASIS our doctors accept emails from their patients and do their best to answer all inquiries and calm nerves of new parents.

4. How long does it take to get a non-emergency appointment with the doctor?

Appointments have been made much easier now with the OASIS App. At the click of a button, checkout available dates and times for your next pediatrician appointment. Upon arrival, we do our best to have you seen within the first 20mins. Walk-ins are accepted, but you may not get to see your choice of pediatrician and there may be a wait as those with appointments and emergency cases are given priority.

*Appointments can also be made through the methods mentioned above.

5. How are appointments handled for children who are sick? Is there good chance your child will get to see his own doctor?

By calling ahead of time or using the OASIS App to check your pediatrician’s schedule, you can see whether you can book an appointment with your own pediatrician that day or whether it means seeing another available pediatrician on staff, we will do our best to suit your needs.

6. Are there separate well-baby and sick-baby waiting rooms?

Yes, at OASIS our Pediatric Clinic has been divided up in to two separate sections, the well-child and sick-child clinics.

7. How do you reach the doctor if your child gets sick after hours? When your doctor is not on call, who covers?

OASIS offers 24/7 Pediatric Emergency Care services, so whether your doctor is on call or not, you can be assured of an on call Pediatrician to care for your child.

For emergencies after Normal Operating Hours, please call: 5985 0333

8. How does the practice handle payments, billing, laboratory charges, and insurance claims?

Payment of services is much like what you would expect abroad, you pay after treatment and not for each step throughout as expected of other Chinese hospitals in China. OASIS has cooperation with over 100 insurance providers and supports direct billing. Call ahead to ask a member of staff to check if your insurance provider is supported by OASIS.

9. Take note of the overall atmosphere of the office. Is it clean, warm, and inviting?

At OASIS, the environment is unlike any hospital. It is warm, spacious and inviting. There are play areas for children within the Pediatric Clinic and a nice coffee shop on hand for mom and dad to fuel up. The lounge, patient rooms and clinics are fitted with the best air quality purifiers, so even on the most polluted days, you can be sure of clean air within the hospital.

OASIS Pediatric Clinic

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