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Preparing to Start a Family?

The desire to have children can encourage some women to make healthier lifestyle choices. They may become more conscious of the foods, beverages and the kind of drugs they put into their bodies, as well as maybe setting aside some time to exercise. Below are 5 tips from Dr. Juliette Kinn, OASIS OB/GYN, for women considering getting pregnant in the near future.

Juliette Kinn's Pre-pregnancy Tips




Know your Family Medical History

Your own health and sexual history as well as your family’s medical history can impact your pregnancy. Genetic disorders or diseases can be passed on to your baby. In order to assess your baby’s risk of developing or inheriting diseases, your doctor will ask you about you and your family’s health history. Be honest and don’t feel embarrassed, there’s nothing you can tell your doctor that they haven’t heard many times before.




Do a Pre-pregnancy Checkup

It may seem excessive to start worrying about your health before you’re pregnant, but a pre-pregnancy checkup can help in discovering any hidden illnesses you or your partner may have which may hinder or affect your pregnancy. Your doctor will run some blood tests and preform a clinical examination. Common problems that should definitely be taken care of prior to pregnancy are: obesity, diabetes, and dysthyroidism (thyroid malfunction). You should confirm you’re up to date on your vaccinations, such as Rubella, which can cause fetal malformation.




Be Mindful of Medication

Pregnancy can affect the effectiveness of medication. When you are pregnant, your blood volume increases, and your heart and kidneys both work harder. This means that medications have the potential to pass through your body more quickly than usual. Not all medications are safe to take when you are pregnant. It’s best to get acquainted with what you can and cannot use, eg: ibuprofene is a contraindicate to pregnancy. Your doctor may switch the type of medication you are on to take care of your medical needs while lessening any risk to your developing baby.




Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

If you are not already at the peak of your health, it’s always a good idea to make a few healthy lifestyle changes. Lifestyle risk assessment is important to the development of your unborn baby. So a balanced diet, regular exercise and abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is highly recommended. You could be pregnant at any time, so it’s best to quit early.




Stopping Birth Control

Stopping birth control should be a decision made when you have made all the necessary pre-pregnancy preparations. According to Dr. Juliette Kinn, woman do not require 6 months to adjust after stopping birth control (pills, shots etc). You should stop birth control when you are ready to conceive. A woman could be becoming pregnant as soon as her next cycle after stopping birth control.

Conceiving and bringing a baby in to the world is a beautiful experience, so enjoy it and above all relax and let it happen naturally. 

If you have had trouble conceiving and it hasn’t happened for you after a year of trying, infertility issues can be treated based on the cause (blocked fallopian tube, anovulation, etc).

Juliette Kinn's Pre-pregnancy Tips

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