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Unmissable Obstetric Package Deals - Offers End this December!

Soon to be expecting? 

Choosing the right hospital is not easy, especially when it comes to China. If you are fairly new to the country, China’s healthcare system can be a bit of a culture shock. China is hospital-centered, and with a population as large as China’s, you can expect to queue for every last thing you need to do.

Not to fear....

OASIS International Hospital is a high-end international comprehensive hospital. Our physicians come from many countries around the world making language barriers and cultural differences a thing of the past and with an international patient volume of 60%, it is one of the top go to hospitals for expats living in Beijing.

OASIS offers a full range of obstetrics and gynecological healthcare services in a uniquely warm and patient friendly environment. In accordance with international standards, we provide high-quality care that serves the comprehensive healthcare needs of women of every age. Our OB/GYN department is fully equipped with OB/GYN Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Pediatricians, Rehabilitation Therapists, TCM Doctors, Midwives and Nurses. We offer a full range of outpatient and inpatient consultation procedures for pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, as well as, gynecological problems and infant care. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has also established 5 specialty treatment centers including: Perinatal Care Center, Reproductive Healthcare Center, Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center, Cervical Cancer Treatment Center and Postnatal Rehabilitation Center. 

 LDRP Suite (Labor, Delivery, Rest, Postpartum)

Our maternity suites are fully integrated with a single bed, en-suite bathroom with shower facilities and infant warmer. At OASIS we encourage fathers or significant others to be present during labor and we have taken a step further to include a couch-bed for them to stay with you throughout.

If that's not enough....

Until the end of Decemeber 2017, OASIS is offering massive deals on obstetric package buys. If you haven't decided on your maternity hospital, why not organise a tour of the hospital and meet with our staff!

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