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Dry Beijing Skin, Be Gone!

Beijing is known for the dry winters and hard water. Many of us struggle with dry cracked skin and have tried all the creams under the sun to relieve the itch. There are some things that can help relieve dry skin and help prevent it. Find some tricks here, to help your skin get smooth again.


Some areas in Beijing have very hard water and installing a filter can prevent dry skin. Installing a filter is fast and not very costly; it is a good investment for the whole family. Bath time can be done everyday again.


Adding oils to the bath water, coconut oil or almond oil can keep your skin feel supple and soft again. I especially like to do this with kids so they can enjoy the bath. But be careful of slippery baths!


Take a short and not too hot shower, very hot water dries out the skin. Pat instead of scrub your skin dry and then moisturize with a good lotion.


One of the most effective ways of relieving dry skin is by adding more water to your diet. This is sometimes more easily said than done. You can also try drinking warm water. It’s not only good for your skin, but also for your digestion too.


The heating makes the home drier than we want to. Add humidifiers to your rooms to combat dryness, but make sure to use distilled water to keep the air quality of your home in check.



For some extra support make an appointment with the TCM team at OASIS International Hospital. They can check your pulse and tongue to see what kind of dry skin you are suffering from and prescribe some herbs to boost your qi yin.


Also a great place to visit in the hospital is dermatology; they are knowledgeable about all kinds of dry skin and skin conditions. They have the tools to diagnose and treat skin ailments!


Moisturize again and again! The OASIS International Hospital Pharmacy has some OTC creams that are great for relieving dry skin. Look for Mustela or Avene to help the whole family sooth dry skin. There are several products that can help relieve the dry itch, these are OTC products and are available at the OASIS Pharmacy, open 24/7.