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Replacement Vaccine Plan for Pentaxim - All You Need to Know

4 in 1 Combi Vaccine (DTaP-Hib)


<All You Need to Know>

Due to the recent shortages in supply of Pentaxim throughout China, the National Center for Disease Control (CDC) has suspended inoculation services for this vaccine. As of this time, OASIS International Hospital has implemented a replacement vaccine plan for patients using the 4 in1 Combination Vaccine (DTaP-Hib).

OASIS International Hospital uses the 4 in 1 DTaP-Hib Vaccine produced by Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co. LTD

It is the first domestic independently researched and developed Diphtheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus (DPT) combination vaccine.

★  Using purification technology to achieve global standards of production, ultrafiltration has replaced salting out, and plate and frame filtration has replaced traditional canvas filters. The entire process is antiseptic and without the use of antibiotics, reducing the incidence of allergic reactions.

★  The latest alum-containing adjuvant technology is used to increase immunogenicity and lower side-effects.

★  As of 2013 when the 4 in 1 combination vaccine came on the market, over 4.5 million vaccines were administered. The vaccine is pre certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is already on the procurement list of the United Nations (UN).

★  In Shanghai, the monitoring results of the AEFI have shown this vaccine to currently have the lowest rate of side-effects of a DTaP combination vaccine.

Replacement plan is as follows:

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OASIS International Hospital was built on Joint Commission International (JCI) standards and is committed to the pursuit of international and professional quality of medical services. As a professional medical institution, we wish to ensure patients of vaccine safety and of the above board administeration of vaccines here at OASIS International Hospital. 

All vaccines administered here can be traced back to their purchase origin at Chaoyang CDC. Transportation vehicles for the vaccines are temperature controlled following the cold-chain system, an online system manages stock control and reports are logged for each vaccine administered here at OASIS, keeping tight control over vaccines given and any reactions occurring from the administration.