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The OASIS Medicine Cabinet Part 2 - Adult Cold & Flu

? Imported or Domestic ?

What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?

Many expats living in Beijing import their medication from abroad. Till a short while ago, I was one of them too, till I had a small emergency involving mosquito bites. 

Stuck, I found myself rushing to the hospital to find that the pharmacy stocks many of the OTC medication that I used in my home country. Sure it looks a bit different, but essentially it’s the same medicine, or close enough to help out in small emergencies and illnesses. 

Flu season is in full swing so in this Home Medicine Cabinet I want to highlight the adult cold medication we all need in our medicine cabinet. All these products are available in the pharmacy at OASIS International Hospital. 

Be sure to always read the label and adhere to the dosage limitations and rules of each individual medication. When in doubt ask a doctor or pharmacist. 

Time to stock up on home essentials!


This is a fast staple in my medicine cabinet. It works and it works fast, for headaches and other ailments, like fever.


Nasal congestion, runny nose, coughs, sore throat, Tylenol cold will relieve these symptoms.




A liquid to help with cold symptoms and sore throats. It will help you and your loved ones sleep through the night.


This medication has daytime and nighttime tablets, making it perfect, so you can keep going during the day and rest at night.

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