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Unmissable Saving on Obstetric Packages - Happy Year of the Dog

Unmissable Saving on Obstetric Packages - Happy Year of the Dog

Kids don’t come cheap.... pregnancy, birth, pre-school and then off to college. In this dog eat dog world, trying to get our kids ahead, wouldn't it be nice to lighten the financial burden a little?

HCG Pregnancy Test  ¥ 1

At OASIS International Hospital we give you this one, very cheap, surprise . Drop by for an early pregnancy test with a 15 minute consultation for only 1RMB! Yes you read it right. At least the initial shock will not break the bank.

18% Off OB Packages

When the stork delivers on good news, he just keeps on giving. OASIS is giving 18% off Prenatal and Delivery Packages, but it won't last forever. Promotion start January 20th and ends February 28th. Don't miss out!

Free Pelvic Health   Assessment

Being a woman is never easy, but at OASIS International Hospital, we like to make it that little bit easier. The OASIS OB/GYN Clinic, combined of 5 specialty treatment centers, brings privacy, comfort and advanced medical technology together, to aid you on the road to recovery. The Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center comprised of Native and Foreign specialists, have experience in incontinence, pelvic relaxation syndrome, pelvic organ prolapsed and much more. There is no need to walk around with problems that can be discreetly taken care of at OASIS International Hospital.

OASIS 2018

It's All About Women's Health

Each Month we are giving

FIVE Women

the opportunity to come in for a

FREE Pelvic Health Assessment

To avail of this opportunity, email Ulla at Ulla@oasishealth.cn

Send details of your age, when you delivered and any symptoms your may have.

First come First serve

Don't Miss Out!

*A detailed treatment plan will be given if needed after assessment. This promotion does not include treatment.