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A Parent's Struggle to Keep Eczema Under Control - Patient Story
OASIS Patient Story

Living far from home in a country where not everything is easy might seem like an adventure to some. When you are a parent, it’s not always an adventure you’ll enjoy.

This a story about young baby Charlotte, she’s almost 1 year old now. Charlotte suffers with atopic dermatitis or what is otherwise known as eczema. Eczema is a skin condtion that can flare up in stressful situations. Most types of eczema cause dry, itchy skin and rashes. Eczema can affect males and females of all ages but is more commonly seen in infants and children. Charlotte's case appeared to be Eczema Herpeticum, a type of eczema triggered by a virus of the Herpevidae family, most commonly Herpes simplex I & II. It starts with clusters of itchy and/or painful blisters with umbilicated centers and may affect any site but is most often seen on face and neck. Charlotte is as such afflicted (see picture below).

Charlotte before treatment

Returning home after their winter holidays, Charlotte’s parents found themselves in a predicament when faced with a flare-up of her eczema. Discomfort, itchiness, soreness…it would drive anyone to distraction, but in a young infant, it’s hard to imagine the pain she must be feeling and the helpless agony of her mother and father. Charlotte was rushed around several hospitals looking for relief. In a matter of days, her eczema had gone from bad to worse. Unable to find treatment for Charlotte at other hospitals they tried, her parents found themselves in the care of OASIS International Hospital and their team of Pediatricians.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jayne Ziermann, an allergologist, who at the time was living abroad, and the care of Dr. Wennie Balawis, Charlotte was admitted to the hospital for treatment. After a treatment course of antibiotics, several creams and steroids, thankfully her condition has improved. (see picture below)

Charlotte after treatment

Under the care of her team of Pediatricians and medical staff, including her very first pediatrician present at her delivery, Dr. Vasili Berdoukas, Charlotte has made great steps towards recovery. It can be scary when your child’s not feeling well, but it’s even more terrifying when you feel helpless when your child’s in pain. Luckily this story has a good ending with Charlotte doing better. OASIS International Hospital will continue to keep a close eye on Charlotte to ensure her continued health.

Charlotte's Team of OASIS Pediatricians