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OASIS Medicine Cabinet Part 3 - TCM Medication

? Imported or Domestic ?

What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?

Many expats living in Beijing import their medication from abroad. Till a short while ago, I was one of them too, till I had a small emergency involving mosquito bites. 

Stuck, I found myself rushing to the hospital to find that the pharmacy stocks many of the OTC medication that I used in my home country. Sure it looks a bit different, but essentially it’s the same medicine, or close enough to help out in small emergencies and illnesses. 

In this Home Medicine Cabinet I want to shed light on Traditional Chinese Medicine, a possible healthier alternative to some other OTC medications and of course as they say When in Rome.... why not do as the locals!

All these products are available in the pharmacy at OASIS International Hospital. Be sure to always read the label and adhere to the dosage limitations and rules of each individual medication. When in doubt ask a doctor or pharmacist. 

Time to stock up on home essentials!


This is syrup works well for coughs and sore throats. 


This candy is available everywhere and works great for sore throats and coughs. I always carry some in my purse just in case.



A checkup of symptoms should be done before taking this medication to make sure it’s appropriate for you. It’s used for runny noses, coughs, and sore throats. I have used this product before and am convinced it helped me recover from the flu faster.


Another TCM cold medication, but with this horrible flu going around at the moment, I think it’s a welcome addition to anyone's medicine cabinet.


These sticky plasters are for muscle pain and arthritus problems. 

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