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OASIS HPV4 Vaccination

Now available at OASIS International Hospital, the HPV4 vaccine for woman aged 20 to 45. The availability of this vaccine now in China is a huge step forward for the health of woman here and around the world. I was feeling a bit left out when I heard the HPV2 vaccine was only available for younger woman, and happy that we can now expose a new age range to this life saving vaccination. Details are as follows:

HPV4 Vaccination Package


+ 20 – 45 -year-old Women

+ Menstruation period will not affect inoculation

+ Inoculation during pregnancy is temporarily not recommended

+ Any HPV Vaccine can be received while breastfeeding


In clinical trials, HPV vaccine has shown *** effectiveness against high risk precancerous lesions. Among domestic trials held in China, adverse reactions seen of the HPV vaccine were mild and typical of any vaccine side-effect.


In simple terms, HVP4, while providing the same protection that HPV2 vaccine provides, also protects against genital warts such as, condyloma acuminatum. HPV4 vaccine can also be used among a wider range of ages. For more related information on the advantages of HPV vaccines, continue following the OASIS WeChat account.


The HPV9 Vaccine is built on the foundation of HPV4, but it’s protection covers a larger range of HPV virus types. At present, HPV9 has not entered the Chinese market. Follow the OASIS WeChat for more continued updates on HPV Vaccines.

Vaccine Protocol

First visit, meet with a physician for consultation, subsequent visits will be seen to by a hospital nurse.

When purchasing the HPV Vaccine Package:

            No other discount or benefits can be used

            No refund or exchange can be made after purchase

            OASIS International Hospital reserves all legal rights

The HPV4 Vaccination Package is now available at OASIS International Hospital.  To enquire about more information or to book an appointment, call:

400 87 62747