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【Pelvic Health Testing】Experience How it Works

I have had many problems with my pelvic health years ago, and was a bit reluctant to get tested again. When I had my first pelvic floor test in the UK four years ago, I left the hospital feeling worse than before and a bit violated. The test was done by hand and was painful. I was not sure what to expect when I volunteered to do another test at OASIS International Hospital....

As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. I was seen first by a nurse who took my vitals and then was shown to a private screening area. She was very discreet and helpful in explaining what would happen. Sensors were attached to my stomach and special equipment was put inside me (not big or anything to worry about). Air was blown through the device, but it was not very noticeable. She then showed me on a computer screen that we would be doing some pelvic floor exercises and all I had to do was follow the exercises five times and then rest. I did five sets of those, this seems like a lot, but it’s over fast. Then I held for a final longer muscle contraction, this was a bit harder. The pelvic screening took altogether 30 minutes from beginning to end.

After we were done with the testing, I went to have a talk with Dr. Wang Rui, Head of OB/GYN. I was surprised to find out that my pelvic floor is in excellent health. I don’t usually walk out of the hospital with a perfect test score, so this was a very pleasant surprise. Dr. Wang explained the score on the sheet to me and it made perfect sense. It’s easy and strait forward to understand. She told me that if my pelvic floor wasn’t in such good health, she would have been able to help me with special exercises and treatments at the hospital. There are special pelvic laser treatments and electro treatments at OASIS International Hospital. Both these treatments can be done over a few months and are not painful or intrusive. I was lucky to try out this treatment and would recommend it to woman with pelvic issues.

Being a woman is never easy, but at OASIS International Hospital, we like to make it that little bit easier. The OASIS OB/GYN Clinic, combined of 5 specialty treatment centers, brings privacy, comfort and advanced medical technology together, to aid you on the road to recovery. The Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center comprised of Native and Foreign specialists, have experience in incontinence, pelvic relaxation syndrome, pelvic organ prolapsed and much more. There is no need to walk around with problems that can be discreetly taken care of at OASIS International Hospital.

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