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【February 24th】Vision Workshop


February 24TH

10:00 - 13:00

OASIS International Hospital

Caniesha Berry is the founder of Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching where she helps her clients live the life they want and make dreams a possibility. She guides people toward their full potential through coaching and workshops. I have had the pleasure to attend some of her passionate workshops, and I am amazed by the things I learn each time. Berry will run a special workshop at OASIS International Hospital, and we invite you to join us and create your New Year vision.

Berry: “ This workshop is for anyone ages 12 and up. We will use photos and various images to create a vision board that reflects the future you want. The workshop will also empower participants 

Berry will start with a presentation on how, and especially why, we should make and have a vision board. She will explain that having a vision board can be helpful with achieving your goals. She will list the benefits and help you decide what you needed most at this moment.

When I created my vision board the worksheet she took was helpful to connect with what I actually wanted most from life. We looked trough magazines to find pictures for my vision board and slowly my vision board came together. Get ready for an afternoon of cutting, pasting and making your vision come true.

Berry Thoughtful Event Details


Location: OASIS International Hospital

Cost:  ¥ 250 

Date: February 24th, 10am - 1pm

To Register

1) Message the MyOASIS WeChat account

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Caneisha: cblifecoach09@gmail.com 

WeChat ID: BerryThoughfulLife


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