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The Root of a Healthy Mouth - Pediatric Dental Experience


Taking care of our teeth can not start early enough and as a parent, it seems all our troubles can be rooted in teething, the cutting of teeth, the brushing of teeth and of course, trying to get them to floss. For my daughter, I know she does not love brushing and it can be quite a chore for her and myself every morning and evening to get it done. We try to make brushing fun and educate her about oral health. The problem though, is that she is four. As a four year old, you just don’t want to listen to your parents. This is where our trip to the dentist came in handy.

We made an appointment with Dr. Philip Chan at OASIS International Hospital. He has to be one of the nicest dentists I have encountered. His kids skills where soothing and professional. My daughter was excited to see what he would do and say, but still wanted to sit on my lap. Dr. Chan counted all her teeth, made sure everything was as it should be progressing and that the teeth were all happy and healthy.

Dr. Chan made a point to take some time to have a little one on one with my daughter, talking to her about her teeth and how to keep them in tip top shape. He did this in a very nice manner and my daughter walked away feeling very impressed and I am sure listened more to Dr. Chan, a professional, than her own parents.

Dr. Chan also advised me about the importance of fluoride treatment, as China does not have fluoride in the tap water. He also explained that flossing could not start early enough. He gave my daughter a little tutorial on how to brush and floss her own teeth and all this was done and dusted within 30 minutes. My daughter was happy to visit with Dr. Chan and we are happy that she is flossing and brushing like a pro, with a little extra hand from us.

Children's Oral Hygiene


Soft-bristled toothbrush, which you can soften further by soaking warm water

Children under 3yrs, grain sized amount of fluoride toothpaste

Children over 3yrs, pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste

Tooth floss for children with two or more teeth.

Fluoride rinse for children over 6yrs.


Brush their teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once again before bed. Spend about 2mins at each time, concentrating a good portion of this time on their back molars.

Flossing = floss once a day after your child gets their second tooth. Floss sticks or picks may be easier for both you and your child.

Rinsing with water after eating. This helps remove some larger particles of food left on or between the teeth.

Mouthwash = Generally mouthwashes are not recommended in children who are incapable of spitting and rinsing. Children over 6yrs, are usually capable. Fluoride mouth rinses can prevent tooth decay and cavities in addition to brushing and flossing.


Ask your dentist about:

Dental Sealants = These are thin, plastic protective barriers that fill in the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, protecting them from tooth decay.

Fluoride needs = If your drinking water is not fluoridated, fluoride supplements or fluoride treatments may be needed.


+ Replace your child’s toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or sooner if it shows signs of wear. Never share a toothbrush with others.

+ Avoid sharing saliva with your babies, saliva which can be passed by sharing spoons, by testing foods before feeding it to your baby, by cleaning off their pacifiers in your mouth instead rinsing with water, and through other activities where saliva is shared.

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