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Dr. Philip Chan
Dr. Philip ChanAmericaAmerica
Dr. Harvey Zhou
Dr. Harvey ZhouChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Chief of Surgeon
Dr.Jayne Ziermann
Dr.Jayne Ziermann PhilippinesPhilippines
Language: English, Filipino, German
Dr. Kelly Wang
Dr. Kelly WangChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Dr. Qiu Meilan
Dr. Qiu MeilanAustraliaAustralia
Language:Chinese, English
Family Medicine Physician
Dr.Zhang Yan
Dr.Zhang YanChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Chief of pediatrics
Dr. Annie Sheng
Dr. Annie ShengChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Family Medicine Physician
Dr.Vasili Berdoukas
Dr.Vasili BerdoukasGreeceGreece
Language:English, Greek
Pediatrician / Hematologist
Dr. Zhao Yanrong
Dr. Zhao Yanrong ChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Head of TCM
Dr. Juliette Kinn
Dr. Juliette KinnFranceFrance
Language:French, English, Cambodian
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Dr. Leora Martin
Dr. Leora MartinIsraelIsrael
Language:English, Hebrew
Dr. Emily Victoria Kara
Dr. Emily Victoria Kara BritainBritain
Language:English, French
Head of Family Medicine