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Surgery is never routine when you’re the patient. Our programs are designed to minimize the stress and discomfort of surgery and the risk of postoperative complications. No matter how simple or complex the procedure, we provide a personal plan of care to guide you through treatment

and recovery. We provide a broad range of surgical care and utilize the latest minimally invasive techniques. Specialties in general surgery include liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, gastrointestinal, and soft tissue diseases, as well as urinary, vascular and joint sports injury.

Dr. Harvey Zhou
Dr. Harvey ZhouChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Chief of Surgeon
Dr.Zheng Yi
Dr.Zheng Yi ChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English
Attending Surgeon
Dr. Zhang Xianghua
Dr. Zhang XianghuaChinaChina
Language:Chinese, English, Japanese
CMO&Director of Urology
Zhang Baoning
Zhang BaoningChinaChina
Chief Expert of Breast Health Center