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Department TCM
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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a well-established system of medicine that represents the accumulated clinical experience of many practitioners over 5,000 years. We have English and Mandarin speaking physicians who offer treatments in Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Acupressure (Tui Na).

Located within second floor OASIS Hospital, our physicians work closely with our western medicine specialists to co-manage patients in specific fields such as Fertility, Insomnia and Pain Management in Cancer and Orthopaedic conditions. We provide the convenience of 24-hour appointment making services and translation services. The clinic uses Health Sciences Authority-approved Chinese proprietary medicine.


Conditions that may benefit from TCM

·       Neurological Conditions
  Headache, Migraine, Stroke, Facial Paralysis

·       Digestive System Disorders
  Gastritis, Constipation, Loss of Appetite

  Urinary System Conditions

  Chronic nephritis, Urinary tract  infection, Gout, Uremia, Urine abnormality

 The Immune System Conditions

 Rheumatism, Arthritis, Irritability  urticaria

·       Pain Management
  Back/Neck/Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist/Hip/Knee/Ankle Pain, Arthritis, Sciatica, Tennis
  Elbow, Herniated Disc, Slipped Disc

·       Respiratory Conditions
  Asthma, Influenza, Acute Rhinitis, Sinusitis

·       Emotions & Stress Related Conditions
  Anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia 


·       Women's Health
   Infertility, Irregular Menstruation, Painful Menstruation, Premenstrual  Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea 


·       Skin Conditions
  Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis

  Men's health
   Impotence, Prostatitis 


·       Cancer
   Cancer Aftercare


TCM can also meet the following specific  needs of our patients:


Cardiovascular Health

TCM seeks to maintain blood pressure within normal range by improving the body's
self-balance function and regulation of the whole body. This helps reduce the
complications of hypertension and promote an overall well being for better  health.



TCM treatment for pre-diabetics, and for moderate or more severe conditions as a complement
to Western medicine. An integrated treatment can lead to better control of the
disease and reduce diabetic complications in the long run.



TCM regulates the body's system to aid in blood flow to the reproductive organs and to
stabilise hormonal levels. This in turn increases ovarian function in women as  well as sperm production in men.


Men’s Health

Improves organ  function to treat erectile dysfunction, impotence and prostatitis.


Spinal Problems / Pain Management

TCM offers pain  relief by removing blockages in the meridians and through improving circulation
to strengthen core muscle groups.



Treatment for post-stroke  rehabilitation to improve motor and cognitive skills, and boost the body's
vitality in responding to conventional treatment.