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Department Internal Medicine
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The OASIS Internal Medicine department consists of an experienced team of doctors from the world over. Providing full-fledged comprehensive medical care, our team prides itself on service quality, both for inpatient and outpatient cases. We pay close attention to ensuring a comfortable experience for you while giving you all the privacy that you need during your journey with us. At OASIS, you are assured on receiving optimal holistic medical solutions tailored especially for you.


Cardio-Cerebral Vascular Diseases

Coronary Artery Disease




 Atrial Fibrillation


 Cardiac Dysfunction and Heart Failure



 Valvular Heart Disease

 Venous Thromboembolism

Pulmonary Hypertension

 Cerebral Vascular Disease

 Peripheral Artery Disease

 Cardiac Risk Assessment for Noncardiac Surgery

 Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy

 Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy

Our Characteristic Outpatient Service

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Clinic:

Periodic assessments are designed to prevent cardiovascular disease from upstream and help patients minimize the risk of myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death.

"Choosing Wisely" Clinic:

According to the recommendations from American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation, our Choosing Wisely Clinic aims to stand on the patient's benefit,  promote conversations between clinicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is:

  • Supported by evidence
  • Not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received
  • Free from harm
  • Truly necessary

Psycho-Cardiology Clinic:

Due to helpless, without clear idea on their condition, some cardiovascular patients will suffer from anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression in long term will not only produce different degrees of somatic symptoms, but also greatly reduce the quality of life to patients. Based on management of the cardiovascular problems of the patients, our Psycho-Cardiology Clinic always gives consideration to both body and mind care to achieve a more effective and comprehensive holistic treatment.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

Help cardiovascular disease patients after stent implantation or coronary artery bridge graft etc. tailor personalized “five Prescriptions"

  •  Prescription of Medication
  •  Prescription for Health Diet
  •  Prescription for Aerobic Exercise
  •  Prescription for Sleeping
  •  Prescription for Smoking Cessation

Help patient return to society, return to work and return to life with physical and mental pleasure.

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Dr. Deng Lili
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Internal Medicine Physician
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Dr. Han LeileiChinaChina
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Internal Medicine Physician
Dr. Sherry Xie
Dr. Sherry Xie ChinaChina
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Internal Medicine Physician
Shang Yiming
Shang YimingChinaChina
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Dr. Zhou Peng
Dr. Zhou PengChinaChina
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Head of Internal Medicine Cardiologist
Dr. Huang Shumei
Dr. Huang Shumei ChinaChina
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Dr. Wang Yizhen
Dr. Wang Yizhen ChinaChina
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Neurology Specialist
Dr. He Ye
Dr. He YeChinaChina
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Dr. Liu Zhenqian
Dr. Liu Zhenqian ChinaChina
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Respiratory Specialist