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Department Family Medicine
  • Clinic open hours : Monday-Saturday 08:30-17:30
  • Tel : 010-5985 0301

Our family doctors provide primary medi-cal care and advice based on an overall picture of your health. A family doctor also oversees specialty care. You stay informed and involved in your healthcare at all times.

We provide a full range of medical services for the entire family: from routine health checks and screenings to treatment of acute illness and management of chronic sickness.



Neurological diseases

Mental disease
Physiological and psychological health problems
Gynecologic diseases
Geriatric disease
Skin disease
Eye, ear, nose and throat disease
General surgical problem
Minor procedures
Preventive care for different age groups
Physical examination

Holistic management of chronic diseases
Coronary  heart  disease 
Diet and nutrition management
Specialty checkups
Thyroid function related checkup
Diabetes and blood lipid function related checkup
Cardiac function related checkup
Cancer related checkup

Gout related checkup