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OASIS International Hospital is an international high-end general hospital, through the international JCI medical standards certification, to provide world-class evidence-based practice. Located in a 15,000m2 facility, OASIS is Beijing’s largest comprehensive service hospital providing quality,  patient-centred care across a full range of medical and surgical specialities, in one convenient location.

OASIS incorporates doctors from all nationalities as well as local staff to provide a wide range of services such as Internal Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN, Paediatrics, Dental and TCM. With over 30 inpatient beds and a dedicated laboratory, OASIS provides 24 hour/365 days a year service with the  medical equipment available in an international environment.

Experience Healthcare Excellence at OASIS.


OASIS International Hospital provides continuity of care that matches the high standards internationally and professionally:

1. OASIS meets the JCI-5 international healthcare standards of accreditation, with our patients coming first.

2. OASIS is managed by a team of internationally trained professionals

3. OASIS provides a total of 13 languages to provide a fully multilingual range of services

4. International service standards across your experience at OASIS - from registration to consultation and discharge

5. Our HIMSS system ensure that all patient registrars are 100% maintained

6. Patient records are maintained and provided in both English and Chinese

7. Clear pricing schemes that are managed through our CPT coding system

8. Partnership and participation with over 100 international medical insurance providers, including direct billing processes

Our Brand

Like an oasis in the desert, OASIS International Hospital aims to be a comfort zone for all your medical needs in Beijing

Our Creed

Our Motto: Experience Healthcare Excellence