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Patient Rights

All atients have the RIGHT to:

Dignity and Respect

? Be treated with dignity and courtesy, and be given considerate and respectful care at all times and in all circumstances.
? Receive prompt treatment, regardless of financial status, for any emergency, threatening life or limb, that would likely worsen if untreated.
? Receive impartial medical care regardless of race, creed, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.
? Receive prompt and reasonable responses to questions and requests.
? Communicate with persons outside our facility and to receive visitors, mail, telephone calls, and other communications during your stay as long as communication does not interfere with the visiting policy or the ongoing treatment of patients.
? Have any restrictions on communication discussed with them (and to only withhold information from patients with their consent, after informing them of their family’s wish to do so).
? Be free from unnecessary physical restraints.

Participation in Care

? Be involved in decisions about their medical care, except when previously agreed to have decisions made on the patient’s behalf by an appointed family member.
? Make decisions about the plan of care prior to and during the course of treatment (to the extent permitted by law) and to be informed of the likely medical consequences of those decisions.
? Change their mind about any procedures for which they have given consent, and to cross out or refuse to sign any part of the consent form if they don’t feel everything has been explained satisfactorily.
? Refuse treatment and to be informed of the medical consequences of this action.
? Exclude any or all family members from participating in care decisions.
? Be involved with family and other decision-makers, if they so choose, in making care decisions.
? Participate in assessment and management of pain.
? Express any concerns or grievances orally or in writing without fear of reprisal.

Information Confidentiality

? Have all communications and records regarding their healthcare handled confidentially.
? Have disclosure of their presence at this facility withheld, to the extent permitted by law, in the event that their safety is in jeopardy by outside persons.

Informed Decisions  

? Receive a full explanation of their diagnosis, proposed treatment, and procedures in easily understood terms that cover the benefits, risks, complications, outcome, and alternative treatments available.
? Have an interpreter, as necessary, to understand all patient communications.
? Review pertinent medical records with their physician.
? Have medical information explained or interpreted as necessary.
? Know at all times the identity and professional status of all individuals providing any type of service and to know which medical provider is primarily in charge of their care.
? Be informed and to give or withhold consent if our facility proposes to engage in or perform research associated with their care or treatment.
? Expect reasonable continuity of care when appropriate and to be informed of available and realistic patient care options when care at our facility is no longer appropriate.
? Be informed of our facility’s policies and practices that relate to patient care, including treatment, responsibilities, and financial information.
? Obtain a full explanation of the bills related to their health care services.
? Request and receive an itemized explanation of the total bill for health services rendered.

All patients also have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

? Provide accurate information about their present illness and past medical history.
? Provide two forms of identification (one photo ID is preferred) for initial registration.
? Sign the Finance Policy and General Treatment Consent Form.
? Execute informed consent documentation where required.
? Show original insurance card upon payment (if insured).
? Pay a designated deposit prior to the emergency service (if paying by cash).
? Pay full amount of delivery charge before the delivery time (for obstetrics patients).
? Seek clarification when necessary for full understanding of their health problems and proposed plan of action.
? Follow through on the agreed plan of care.
? Follow the rules and regulations of the healthcare facility, including those pertaining to patient safety.
? Be considerate of the rights of others.
? Provide information for insurance claims and to work with our business office in making payment arrangements when necessary.
? Keep scheduled appointments or cancel them in advance.
? Keep personal belongings and valuables in a safe place.
? Accept the consequences of their actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow instructions.