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Int. Services

OASIS International Hospital services are officially bilingual, Chinese and English.

Interpreters are available to assist patients and their families by appointment, while bilingual services are available 24 hours and are free of charge. If an interpreter is needed during your stay at OASIS, please inform us right away. OASIS's Patient Services Department conducts regular, systematic assessments of the language needs of the patient base to identify needs for expansion of multilingual services. We use community assessment and an assessment of our own database to determine what types of oral language assistance to include in our delivery system.

Like our patient base, our employee base is multilingual:

English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog, Dutch, Korean, and more! Effective communication between patients and their healthcare providers is vital to achieving access to quality care and ensuring good health outcomes.


Nowhere is this more essential than the Emergency Room

where lack of accurate, complete, and timely information can results in critical impediments to care. When a patient's need for oral language assistance can be anticipated, coordination of interpreter services with scheduled appointments shall be provided. When possible, the same interpreter is scheduled for a patient's return visit. On occasions when OASIS requires additional interpretive assistance that is not available from within the community or from within the staff language bank, a telephone service may be used as a last resort. The Patient Service Department delivers specific annual training and protocols for interpreters that includes cross-cultural communication, ethics of interpreting, standards of professionalism, medical terminology, the impact of language barriers on patient care, and more.