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Customer Feedback

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for choosing OASIS for your healthcare needs. We hope that your experience was as pleasant as possible. If you have any concerns regarding your recent visit, we are happy to be of assistance. OASIS aims to provide a service that meets the needs of our customers and we strive for a high standard of care. We welcome suggestions from patients, their family members who care for them, and from our clinicians and staff about the safety and quality of care we provide. Whether a complaint, concern, suggestion, or compliment, your feedback is appreciated! We are committed to an effective and fair complaints system. At OASIS, we support a culture of openness and willingness to learn from incidents, including complaints. Patients, their families, and staff can make complaints on a confidential basis or anonymously if they wish, and be assured that their identity will be protected. You will not be discriminated against or sugger any unjust adverse consequeses as a result of making a complaint about standards of care and service.

In order to provide you with higher quality service, we invite you to send us your feedback by completing a short online survey. It takes about five minutes to complete and does not require any personal information. Your comments and recommendations are a great help in our continuous effort to improve service for all our guests.

Feedback survey:
On behalf of all our doctors and staff, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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